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Holiday Camps for Kids on Bikes
in Richmond, Surrey, UK

Teaching your children to cycle safely

Easter Camp 2016

  1. Beginners
    Some of us learnt to ride our bikes for the first time.
  2. Control
    We practised our control skills with obstacle courses and learnt to use our gears.
  3. Bike Maintenance
    Bike Maintenance
    We discovered how to locate and patch a puncture as well as carrying out an M check on our bikes.
  4. Balance
    We perfected our balance
  5. Snaking
    and we followed the leader on all sorts of surfaces.
  6. Cycle Paths
    Cycle Paths
    We went for a ride on cycle paths
  7. Off road
    Off road
    and we rode through the woods.
  8. Games
    We played lots of games
  9. Certificates
    and at the end of the week we received our certificates to show our parents all our amazing achievements.
  10. Friends
    This week we had fun with our friends, old and new.